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Tackle smart sports teaches players the fundamentals of football in either tackle or flag football with both beginner and experienced players. Coach Roger Wilson who has over 15 years of experience Teaches offensive and defensive positions, tackling techniques

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Become A Professional Player

Tackle Smart Sports Player Development Process always provides unique and necessary skills at every critical point in an athlete’s football career.  giving them an advantage over other players. Tackle Smart offers a different way to play football than everything else out there by focusing on four things: skill, technique, knowledge, and mindset, tackle techniques.

Coach Roger helps players to master Shoulder tackling techniques. These  are the Scientifically proven safer techniques that reduces the chances of concussion



(Just like Football!)
Each quarter will focus on a different fundamental aspect of tackling:

1st Quarter

PRIMING: Working on the physical aspects needed to tackle including power, agility and stability.

3rd Quarter

TACKLE TECHNIQUE: Breaking down the various components of the tackle collision itself.

2nd Quarter

TRACKING: The tackle approach focuses on spatial awareness, footwork and timing.

4th Quarter

TACKLE APPLICATION: Putting it all together into decision making and game-based scenarios.

OUR Coach

Roger Wilson -Professional Coach

Before his professional rugby union career was over, he had been playing for 15 years and had racked up 350 professional-grade games. Now that he’s retired from the sport, he hopes to teach athletes the proper technique so they stay safe.

Wilson has made the decision to provide coaching for players under 14. His coaching will be divided into three categories; group training, individual one-on-one tackling, and team training.

Roger has maintained two very successful professional careers – one in sports and the other in business. Outside of his work, Roger is an active person who continues to work with a wide variety of coaches on a personal level as well as athletes. He’s also traveled extensively over the course of his career, having gone to more than 30 countries so far around the world with his wife and children. In May of 2018, Roger moved oversea permanently to Texas.

pricing & plan​

AGES 6-18


$600 flat fee – 1.5 hours
Additional charges may occur for travel, or for groups greater than 20
Location: Off site (at team’s training location)



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