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Preparing For Your First Season of Tackle Football

Preparing For Your First Season of Tackle Football

Preparing for a first season of tackle football can be daunting. This sport can be very much sink or swim from the beginning, so correctly preparing yourself or your child will make a massive difference in both the safety and enjoyment of the game. Whether your child is running the football for the very first time or making their first tackle in football, they need to know what to expect.

A combination of our football coaching and football training methods – along with the advice in this blog – will give your child the tools to feel comfortable and confident from the moment they step onto the gridiron. Here are some tips to follow.

Be In Good Shape

Being in good tackle football shape is incredibly important before the season. This can be as simple for a parent as encouraging daily exercise all the way through to age-appropriate strength training. Your child must have good muscular strength and coordination when they begin their football journey. Something as simple as running home from school or helping to wash the car will work on those aspects of their physical being. Adding in strength training – but not doing so much that your child will over-train and injure themselves – is also an ideal way to prepare them for their first season.

Be Nutritionally Ready

Being nutritionally ready is just as important as being in good shape physically. Kids burn enough energy that it is easy for them to get by on a diet of junk food and sugar. This, however, will put them at a disadvantage when playing tackle football. Your child should be getting healthy food, increasing their water intake, and being sure to sleep well at night. A full diet plan isn’t needed at this point on their football path, but this is a great tool to teach them what is good food and what is not that will help them lead a healthier life.

Equipment Checklist

Having the correct equipment is another essential part of planning for a first season of tackle football. Don’t rush out and buy everything possible the second that your child decides that they want to play the game. Instead, help them find a team where you can ask questions. You will need to know what the team provides versus what you will need to buy but know that items like a mouthguard and football cleats are two that you will likely have to purchase early on for your kid. This equipment checklist from our site works as an excellent guide for beginners.

One On One Coaching Sessions

The ultimate way to prepare your kid for a first season of tackle football is via one-on-one or small-group coaching. This is where the best football coaches at developing age group players will show them how to tackle in football, run, pass, and catch, and work on specific drills that will increase their speed and agility. Our site – Tackle Smart – holds clinics and camps in the North Texas area, with our coaches stressing the importance of safety in the tackle to reduce the occurrence of concussion and other head/neck injuries. Finding a one-on-one coach will also minimize worry and stress as a parent, as they will help you understand when it is time for your child to move into full-on tackle football games.

Enjoy The Ride and Dream Big

Everything above is vital for the physical well-being of your child when they enter the world of tackle football. That said, there is no point in them playing if they aren’t having fun. This will be a big deal in their life, especially if they begin this journey with their friends. Let it be fun. Let them dream of quarterbacking a Super Bowl-winning team. Make all the work and effort they put in worth it with praise and by showing an interest in what they are doing. This could – and should – be a bonding experience. Make sure that it is.

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